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UGears U-9 Grand Prix Car Model

UGears U-9 Grand Prix Car Model

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The Ugears U-9 Grand Prix Car is based on the iconic designs from the Golden Age of the automobile racing.

The Ugears Grand Prix Model U-9 reproduces a magnificent and imposing Grand Prix models.

Under the hood of this new model you will find a V8 engine equipped with a powerful fan and 16 fully functioning valves. To wind it up just use the hand crank in its front – just like the real thing!

This new vehicle also has a link rod and a transmission switching modes between idle, reverse, and race. Yeah baby!

The U-9 has a spring-suspended forks and rubberized wheels ensuring smooth, rapid acceleration and a long range.

Based on the design of cars that participated in the very first Grand Prix, in Italy back in the early 20th century this car is truly a unique and enchanting model

With the sleek flowing lines of the old Formula One prototypes, the elegant “old-school” appearance is highlighted by a drive belt on the outside of the car and other period design elements.

This model has all the quality features you would expect from Ugears and is ideal for the whole family to enjoy as well as model enthusiasts. Go on give it a try – you’ll love it!

Estimated time of assembly:  1-3 hours
Difficulty level:  Intermediate
Number of parts:  356
Assembled size:  13,8’’ x 3.7’’ x 5.1’’
Tools and materials:  Made of high quality plywood; assembly requires no glue or cutting
Recommended Age:  14+