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Angel and the Reaper Figurine by James Ryman

Angel and the Reaper Figurine by James Ryman

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This figurine comes from the amazing imagination of James Ryman. An angel wears a long white dress, white wings outstretched behind her, as she falls into the Grim Reaper’s arms. Staring at each other, she delicately touches his skeletal face. He looks down at her lovingly, black wings raised above them both protectively. Cast in high-quality resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this magnificent dark figurine is a symbol of love enduring across any boundary.

Hand painted and made from the highest quality resin available by professional sculptures. Making every detail stand out and showing the piece at its best. All of our figurines take hours on hours to make with the original sculpture being made by the artists themselves.

Size - Approximately 25cm

ORDERED BY DEMAND PRODUCT - Approximately 2-3 week turnaround

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